Claim Time to Write

27 April 2010

Sometimes finding time to write can be difficult with everything else going on around you at home. There are endless distractions that compete for our attention and unfortunately they usually win. We assume that things such as folding laundry and sweeping the kitchen are more important than our writing. What we need to do is […]

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How to Become a News Writer

26 January 2010

Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Ernest Hemingway? Do you like being “in the know,” on a first-name basis with government leaders, high-profile developers, or personalities? Do you like being sought by folks who want to tell their story, run for political office, or publicize their business? Or do you want to earn […]

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Becoming a Paid Book Reviewer

22 January 2010

Rise to the Challenge Book reviews are a great way for readers to get a taste of the story and find out if they’re interested in it, plus gather reviewers’ opinions or recommendations on a novel. People who read books and review them must walk a fine line, revealing information about the story without giving […]

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Unblocking Writer’s Block

16 January 2010

It happens to most serious writers at one time or another. You have plotted out the story line. You have developed most of your major characters and you may have even completed half of your novel. Then one day you open up your word processor, or note book, and you can’t, for the life of […]

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How to be a Freelance Journalist

30 November 2009

Freelance journalists write for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online publications. Being a staff journalist is a job full of deadlines, stress and competition. To land a reporting job at a paper, writers usually take a position as typist in hopes they can get in line for any staff writing jobs. As a freelance journalist, […]

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EzyBlogger Featured By Local Newspaper – New Straits Times

20 November 2009

EzyBlogger Featured By Local Newspaper I cannot believe that I got featured in an article by a top local newspaper in Malaysia – The New Straits Times The article, “Cashing In Online – Lucrative if done right” was published both online and printed under the TECH & U section. I cannot tell you how it […]

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Setting Up Facebook Fan Pages and Groups

6 November 2009

In the world of social networking, Facebook reigns supreme. These days more and more companies, brands, organizations and even bands are using the social networking platform to improve their visibility, consolidate their target audience, and stay connected with their customers or fans. Setting up a Facebook fan page or group is free, fast, and simple […]

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Social Media to Advance your Business

5 November 2009

Social Media websites represent the future of communication. The sooner your business or organization gets on board, the better the results will be. Gathering as many Fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter) as possible means you are increasing your direct advertising pool. This is a list of the top six ways to use Facebook and Twitter […]

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Blogging Demystified

25 July 2009
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Many people are completely mystified by the explosion of new technology these days, both in the real world and in the world of the Internet. Just navigating websites can be a daunting experience, and learning all the lingo may seem like a mission impossible. Blogging is one of those evolving technologies, and though it may […]

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Blogging for an Audience

25 July 2009

Some people think that blogging is for the isolated, or the dysfunctional: that it consists of alcoholic finger-jabbers or political obsessives firing their opinions into cyberspace regardless of the audience. There are plenty of blogs like this! But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can create and build an audience for your writing […]

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Monetize Video Ads with

21 July 2009

Studies had shown that video in rich media ads can make or break a campaign. DoubleClick benchmark study suggests that rich media ad formats that contain video “overwhelmingly” outperform other types of creative media ads, such as images and simple animation Flash. Findings suggest that people who see a video in a rich media ad […]

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