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Seven Ways to Increase your Influence on Twitter Twitter gives you a chance to reach people around the globe. Unless you have restricted your tweets, anyone in the world using Twitter can read your tweets from a computer or smart phone. This allows you to spread your ideas, products or unique brand of services to […]


In the world of social networking, Facebook reigns supreme. These days more and more companies, brands, organizations and even bands are using the social networking platform to improve their visibility, consolidate their target audience, and stay connected with their customers or fans. Setting up a Facebook fan page or group is free, fast, and simple […]


Social Media websites represent the future of communication. The sooner your business or organization gets on board, the better the results will be. Gathering as many Fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter) as possible means you are increasing your direct advertising pool. This is a list of the top six ways to use Facebook and Twitter […]


Facebook is one of the top of social networking sites on the Internet. The site was founded by a Harvard University student named Mark Zuckerberg who began the site as a way for students at the university to network with each other. This limited social networking site eventually expanded to include campuses in the Boston […]


Twitter is a social networking site with a twist. Twitter offers users the ability to connect with friends, coworkers, and clients by answering one simple question: What are you doing? The catch, however, is that the question must be answered in 140 characters or less – including spaces. The answer to this question is known […]


Twitter like other social networks is a great source of blog traffic if you use it correctly. Twitter is not just for fun but can also be used much like other social networking media to gain more traffic. In this case, you want to attract more blog traffic. Twitter can help with that. Like other […]


Twitter has added methods to the Twitter API that make it a lot easier to get full follower lists and process them. You can probably expect to see many more Twitter applications offering the ability to automatically unfollow those people who unfollow you. If that feature appeals to you, I want you to know the […]


TweetLater – What Are The Best Tools To Use For Social Marketing?. Michael A. Stelzner, published author and founder of WhitePaperSource, has released a great report on the best tools to use for and the benefits of social marketing. Download the report right now, and put away your credit card. There’s nothing to pay. Did […]


Tweetfeed and BlogCatalog – Great Social Media A lot of BlogCatalog members are fueling their blogs with traffic from Twitter, which is used by more than 4.5 million people. Many bloggers use Twitter to market their products and services and also keep track on their friends. The success of BlogCatalog member using Twitter made them take […]


Dangers of Social Networking. Millions of people across the world use social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo or Myspace. However, few of them consider the risks that these sites could pose to potential jobs. According to a survey commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office, almost 60% of those questioned did not realise that the […]


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