Making Money as a Writer There are many ways to make money online with articles you have written. If you have dreamed of making money writing you can realize that dream with a little work on your part. Perhaps you should check out freelance writing online. This may not be the writing you have always […]


Do you have aspirations of becoming the next Ernest Hemingway? Do you like being “in the know,” on a first-name basis with government leaders, high-profile developers, or personalities? Do you like being sought by folks who want to tell their story, run for political office, or publicize their business? Or do you want to earn […]


Rise to the Challenge Book reviews are a great way for readers to get a taste of the story and find out if they’re interested in it, plus gather reviewers’ opinions or recommendations on a novel. People who read books and review them must walk a fine line, revealing information about the story without giving […]


Freelance journalists write for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online publications. Being a staff journalist is a job full of deadlines, stress and competition. To land a reporting job at a paper, writers usually take a position as typist in hopes they can get in line for any staff writing jobs. As a freelance journalist, […]


Many resources have been published on the topic of turning freelance writing into an ideal, work-at-home (WAH) career. This article does not propose to repeat the tips for getting started as a freelance writer or for selecting paying markets for your written work. Writing your way to financial independence concerns the way that you develop […]


The world wide web has revolutionized the life of a freelance writer. It has opened up countless new markets, all available through a simple search (no more poring through writer’s market guides) and has sped up the process of writing, seeing your work published, and getting paid. In the old days, it could take months […]


Write To Sell

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Write To Sell. Have you been submitting religiously, but still not getting many acceptances? It happens to the best of us but there are some steps that you can take to up your chances of acceptance no matter what you write: 1. Keep An Idea Notebook Many, but not all, writer’s have an idea notebook. […]


The Three Things You Must Have – Apart From Writing Skills – To Be Able To Sell More Of Your Work Just imagine being able to write more, be more organised, sell more, break into more markets, and get your work seen by more people. Well I am about to reveal to you the three […]

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How to Make Money from Your Writing Skills. Writing is a pleasure and a passion and many enthusiastic writers would do it for free. Unfortunately, free doesn’t pay the bills. That’s why it’s so important that budding writers find markets for their work. Online sites such as Associated Content and Constant Content are the answer […]


 Finding top-notch Freelancers is even easier with’s new quality Rank.’s new quality Rank highlights Freelancers by the traits that are essential to you and your business.. To ensure that you connect with the best Freelancers for your business needs, now ranks Freelancers using a quality score system that is unique to service […]


Some established writers are afraid to make the transition to writing for the web. Here are four ways to break onto the online writing scene. Writers can get their feet wet and decide if they like web writing as much as they like writing for print publications. 1. Create a blog. The blog is a […]