Spice Up Your Blog If you have been on the internet for any sizeable amount of time, you have definitely stumbled across a blog or ten. A lot of us have friends or colleagues who have blogs. But getting a free blogging account alone doesn’t make someone a writer. A lot of bloggers tend to […]


7 Blogging Commandments In almost all professions in life, there are acceptable and unacceptable practices in carrying out a job. Doctors, lawyers and educators abide by a set of rules and guidelines when it comes to performing their duties. These rules ensure that a task is carried out with respect for others and with sound, […]


Why Your Blog Fail Successful blogging requires finding a fine balance between providing quality content, and bringing in enough revenue to make it profitable. But without a steady stream of visitors coming along to read your content, your blog is likely to fail. Here are 5 reasons why your blog is failing to bring in […]


Top 5 Tips for Making Your Blog User Friendly Reader usability is paramount when creating a blog. Technical specifications and attractive themes are important aspects of growing and maintaining your blog, but creating an appealing user experience is the best way to keep your visitors coming back. Here are 5 tops tips for making your […]


Writing For A Target Audience There is nothing worse than a boring blog post or an internet article written in a stiff, prescripted, logical manner. This type of writing lacks spontaneity. It lacks whimsy. It lacks flesh and blood. And, predictable, wooden content won’t make your readers want to return to your site to see […]


How To Make Money Blogging? As the internet exploded in popularity in the late 1990s, it became clear that there was money to be made online. However, in the early days of the internet boom, large companies such as product retailers were the primary beneficiaries of this new income stream. The advent of blogging democratized […]


Look Good and Earn With Banner Ads Many blogs fail to seize the many lucrative rewards that site-based advertising has to offer. Often, a blog owner will do nothing more than set up a Google Adsense account and fill their blog with uninteresting textual advertising. This is a huge mistake and a waste of valuable […]


EzyBlogger Featured By Local Newspaper I cannot believe that I got featured in an article by a top local newspaper in Malaysia – The New Straits Times The article, “Cashing In Online – Lucrative if done right” was published both online and printed under the TECH & U section. I cannot tell you how it […]


Blogging Demystified

Many people are completely mystified by the explosion of new technology these days, both in the real world and in the world of the Internet. Just navigating websites can be a daunting experience, and learning all the lingo may seem like a mission impossible. Blogging is one of those evolving technologies, and though it may […]


Some people think that blogging is for the isolated, or the dysfunctional: that it consists of alcoholic finger-jabbers or political obsessives firing their opinions into cyberspace regardless of the audience. There are plenty of blogs like this! But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can create and build an audience for your writing […]


Studies had shown that video in rich media ads can make or break a campaign. DoubleClick benchmark study suggests that rich media ad formats that contain video “overwhelmingly” outperform other types of creative media ads, such as images and simple animation Flash. Findings suggest that people who see a video in a rich media ad […]