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Do You Dream of Earning Money as a Writer

by EzyBlogger on February 13, 2011 · 6 comments · Freelance

Making Money as a Writer

Making Money as a Writer

There are many ways to make money online with articles you have written. If you have dreamed of making money writing you can realize that dream with a little work on your part. Perhaps you should check out freelance writing online. This may not be the writing you have always dreamed of. There is, however, a huge demand for people who write well. Websites increase their rankings depending on the amount of relevant content they post to their websites. People are willing, even eager, to pay you to write that content for them.

If you are considering a freelance writing career, take the time to research the websites offering to connect you with people needing your writing skills. Several sites offer this service; however, they are not all the same. Some of the websites finance their service to you by taking a percentage of what you earn. There is nothing wrong with this; they are providing you with a service. The difference is in how they take their percentage. Some take the percentage from the amount the writers earn, and some add their percentage onto the amount that the employer is charged.

Freelance Writer

Many of these websites that offer to connect writers and people needing their writing services are free to join. This allows you the chance to research exactly what they offer and how they collect their fees. Anyone setting themselves up in business as a freelance writer needs to be clear on what they are signing up for. There are other differences as well between the connecting websites. On some websites you bid on jobs. Other websites have you to apply to prospective jobs, basically the same process you would encounter applying for a job in real life. You are asked to create a profile and submit a cover letter with your applications. If the prospective employer likes what they see they contact you to set up an interview. An interview may consist of writing a sample article on a subject they choose.

After doing some research on freelance websites, choose the one you like the best. Think about the type of writing you want to do. If you are an expert at something then you may want to write about that subject. However, there are many choices on the types of writing needed. If you are familiar with SEO then you should be sure to mention this in your profile. Keyword density is another skill that you should mention in your profile if you are familiar with it. These are basic selling points to content written for website use.

Freelance writing is one option you should consider if you dream of earning money writing. Writing is the lifeblood of websites because of the content they need to achieve good ranking spots in the search engines. Writers who are skilled in written English are in demand. Many people can create websites but cannot write well. These people need your ability to write clear, concise articles for their websites. Freelance writing could be the beginning of the job you have always dreamed of. Dreaming of writing is one thing, making money writing is another, and making money from your dream may be the best of both worlds.

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Do You Dream of Earning Money as a Writer

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1 Michele Welch March 2, 2011 at 11:44 PM

I actually know a few people whom are freelance writers and do very well. I agree, skilled writers are in high demand and it’s amazing what people will pay to get others to write for their sites.

Thanks for sharing! :-)


2 EzyBlogger March 5, 2011 at 8:22 PM

Thanks for dropping by Michele :)


3 Fran Aslam From Onlinewriter March 22, 2011 at 3:05 AM

Hi Ezy blogger

Nice blog you have here. I agree with you about freelance writing and making money with blogging.

Fran A


4 EzyBlogger March 22, 2011 at 6:45 AM

Thanks for visiting Fran.


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