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How to Avoid Being Unsuccessful as a Writer

by EzyBlogger on October 17, 2010 · 2 comments · Writing Tips

Writing Your Way To Success As A Writer

The number one thing that will stop you from being a successful writer is not writing. In other words, if you never write, you will not become a writer. Although, just because you write something, anything at all, doesn’t guarantee your success, but it may get your ‘foot in the door’ at the editor’s office. Some days; however, it may only feel like a toenail.

A good tip to remember: do not forget to write your articles in paragraph form. This means to write four or five related sentences together that relate to what you are talking about. If you write in unstructured, chopped up sentences, you will definitely learn the definition of rewrite, because that is what you will spend the majority of your time doing.

Granted. There are other issues that will keep you from being successful. Editors can appear to be an obstacle in your path, but they are not trying to keep you from being a writer. On the contrary, more editors than not, are concerned with helping you become the best you can be.

Do not give up on your writing endeavors!

Submit and wait for feedback. If you get do feedback from an editor, embrace it! Take it to heart. Listen closely to their feedback. It is very important. They know what they want. They know what they are reading. They know how they want your copy to read. They know what their readers will think as they read your copy. (They are the experts and know if their readers will hit the delete button right away or not.) Listen to them! There are some editors that have been editing for over twenty-five years. They definitely know what appeals to them. They know their ‘audience’ and if you get feedback from them, try to adapt your writing to their critique.

There are online writing labs that you can use to perfect your writing techniques. Purdue has a wonderful online writing lab that you can use. If you do a Google search for Online Writing Labs, you will find quite a few that are available for your use.

Revise, revise and revise again!

True. There are people who write and write and write and never become successful as a writer. Then, there are others, who write and they make money with it. There is no personal guarantee in the writing field. Many have tried and failed. They give up. They quit. They end up writing nothing. The persistent ones are the ones who succeed.

Some people are good writers. Some are not good writers. This observation does not seem to be a large, contributing factor in determining whether you will be a success at writing, or not. You just need to begin.

If you are reading this, you already know that writing is not very hard to do, although, some days, a condition called writers block may affect you.

Writers block is temporary.

Getting over writers block involves changing your state of mind. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are some days that writing seems like a chore. You stare at a blank sheet of paper and it challenges you. “Write on me!” it seems to shout. Well. Fine! Write on it. Talk to the paper. Tell it what you are thinking. Imagine that piece of paper is your friend. Name it something fun, like Fred. It helps to imagine that the piece of paper has a personality of its own because it will be like writing to your friend.

Okay. Your piece of paper’s name is going to be Fred. Imagining that your paper has a personality will remove the pressure that results in writer’s block. Take a deep breath and let it out. Relax! Let your jaw drop open if you need to. You will be fine. Let the words flow onto the paper. The secret is to let all your ideas flow. You can edit later. Are you a good speller? Are you good at punctuation? It is very hard to read an article that has poor grammar and incorrect punctuation. It offends the flow. Fred will be very receptive. You will not have to worry about boring Fred. He is a good listener and his attention span is limitless. Fred will never find you boring or unoriginal.

Okay, ready? The best way to write is to write like you think. Forget all you have ever learned about composing stiff, boring sentences. People reading your writing will actually like a conversational style that involves reading your story and having it ‘speak’ to the reader as if the two of you are in a room, alone. Do not make it difficult for your reader to read your article. If you are creating more questions in your reader’s mind than answers, you need to rethink what you have written.

You do not have to write in first person to write well.

You can describe situations in full detail in an interesting way. Describe what you see. Does what you are writing about have any distinguishing characteristics? Practice makes perfect. Keep a journal of what happens around you. Write! Write! Write!

A fun exercise for you is to take a pen and notebook with you when you mow. It has been suggested, by a seasoned editor, that using a push lawnmower, being all sweaty and attempting to write on a piece of paper could be compared to a pilot riding a unicycle while conning his jet. Yes, even editors are prone to flashes of creative thought!

It has to be a lawnmower that you can ride on.

Think about it only long enough to laugh and loosen up. You will have to stop your mower when you write down your thoughts. You may have to stop several times. Park it and write. Do not attempt to write while the machine is moving.

The real point is that when you do a repetitive task, your brain will try to occupy itself with creative things. Have your pen and paper ready to jot down what you think about as you do whatever repetitive task you endeavor.

If you choose to mow, as you make the rounds about your yard, you write about how the grass flies out of the grass chute. Ask yourself questions about the grass. What color is it? Is it green? Is it wet? Use your senses. Ask your ears “what are you hearing?” Ask your nose “what are you smelling?”

Or, maybe, you could think about how some bug feels when it gets pelted with your fresh cut grass! Is it rearing up and preparing to scream some obscenity at you? Granted, most bugs are probably nice, but it is a funny thought that bears writing down.

Random, obscure thoughts are okay.

Write them down!

The point isn’t even that you need to be on a lawnmower specifically. You could do this in a car, on a bus, on a train, on an airplane or even on a boat. Embrace boredom! Embrace the mundane. Make fun of it! Make note of it and write it down. Good luck to you in becoming a successful writer!

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1 Sheila Atwood February 9, 2011 at 4:19 AM


Love the lawnmower tip. I live way out in the boonies so I have plenty of mindless driving time. I use my phone to record my ideas using this tool.


Hope you don’t mind the link it is not an affiliate just a great free tool for voice recording.


2 EzyBlogger February 13, 2011 at 6:11 PM

Thanks for sharing Sheila .


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