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Blogging – How Clearly Are You Communicating ?

by EzyBlogger on March 17, 2009 · 4 comments · Blogging

Blogging – How Clearly Are You Communicating ?

Do you reflect upon the messages you convey to your blog readers?

For serious bloggers, the consideration of what you are communicating in each blog entry is essential.

Some leading bloggers are also polished authors.

If you want to improve your blog’s quality, use these four guidelines to evaluate your blog entries before posting them to your live blog:

1. What is the point of your blog entry?

Even if you are blogging in a stream-of-consciousness style, your blog entry should have a purpose.

Think about why you are writing this blog entry.

Can you make it clearer?

Can readers easily ascertain the meaning of each piece?

If you read a blog entry objectively and experience confusion as to the purpose of the piece, revise the blog entry before posting.

2. Do you make generalizations or assumptions?

While blog entries may include your opinion, they should also be professional written works.

Even gossip columnists research pieces before publishing them in print or online.

Evaluate the statements you make and rewrite the ones that are not reasonable or factual.

3. Avoid including information that is irrelevant or questionable.

While blog entries may include links to web sites for related information, don’t just paste hyperlinks in your blog to make it look important or well-researched.

Guide your readers to web sites that truly increase their knowledge of a topic.

Exclude hyperlinks that do not add to the piece.

4. Why should readers take your advice?

On the flip side of irrelevant information is credibility.

As a professional blogger, your writing should show steady improvement.

Your goal is to build a reputation for delivering reliable tips or insights that readers can apply to their own experiences.

Blog readers may detect pieces that are full of wind or information based on poorly researched information.

Compose blog entries with some attention to quality.

If you just blog to take up space, you will lose some readers who do not want to waste their time.

Developing in your blogging occupation is just like professional development in other lines of work.

Learn how to analyze your own arguments.

If you can’t criticize your blog entries, the Internet offers many freelance editors who provide this service at moderate prices.

How much time you invest in polishing your blog entries really depends on your goals (i.e. how much you want to earn).

Have fun with blog writing.

Remember to edit your ideas for logic and credible information.

By Angela Baca

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