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Make Money Blogging During Economic Slowdown

by EzyBlogger on January 17, 2009 · 0 comments · Blogging

Ten years ago during the global economic slowdown of 1997, I was very worried about what the future will bring.

Will I be retrenched from my job ?

What should I do If I lose my job ?

There were so many questions playing in my mind during that tough times.

However, this time around, though the global economy is facing a downturn, I’m more confident about facing the global uncertainties.

As a full-time work at home blogger who makes a living online by blogging, I’m more confident than before of pulling through these tough times.

Blogging and earning an income as a blogger makes me confident that things will not go that bad and I will be less affected by the whole financial crisis that the world is facing.

Though I can see some income dropping especially AdSense where lower income per clicks can seen throughout my niche blog networks, I’m optimistic about earning more money this year.

Even if AdSense is generating less income per click, I’m working on bringing in more traffic to my niche blogs to generate more revenues and testing other affiliate programs that might generate more revenues.

I’m very glad that I decided to be a full-time work at home blogger and Internet marketers as I’m now more confident to face the future even in this economic slowdown.

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