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Guru.com – Find Quality Freelancers by Rank

by EzyBlogger on January 22, 2009 · 0 comments · Freelance

¬†Finding top-notch Freelancers is even easier with Guru.com’s new quality Rank.

Guru.com’s new quality Rank highlights Freelancers by the traits that are essential to you and your business..

To ensure that you connect with the best Freelancers for your business needs, Guru.com now ranks Freelancers using a quality score system that is unique to service websites.

This new system provides you with a true and clear valuation of the quality of Freelancer services.

Freelancers are now ranked by the same three components that traditional offline businesses use to gauge success :-

– The acquisition of new customers,

– Earnings from each customer, and

– The ability to keep customers over a long period of time.

The design of the new Rank calculation encourages and rewards Freelancers for submitting targeted proposals, providing first-rate comprehensive services, and retaining customers.

The previous ranking system positioned Freelancers based on subjective feedback and the amount of money earned over a 12-month period.

The new Rank better highlights quality Freelancers by eliminating subjective feedback from the calculation and focusing on objective business success factors.

You will still be able to review the feedback others have left for a Freelancer and leave feedback on Freelancers you have worked with, but it is no longer a component of how they are ranked.

Check out Guru.com for your freelancing needs.

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