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Newbie Bloggers – Break Free with Blogging

by EzyBlogger on November 29, 2008 · 3 comments · Blogging

Blogging for money is a risky business and you must be very careful how you will invest your money and if it’s feasible.

Before starting everything you should pay attention to the next reviews that will tutor you on blogging steps and styles.

All you people eager to find out more about this new and amazing blogging experience lend me thy ears… and eyes.

The first and most important aspect of blogging is the technique you will use. Check out as many website you can and compare them. It is very important that you take into consideration their popularity and traffic.

Everything is centered on the host because your contract will obviously influence a lot on your blog.

That’s why you must be very careful and choose the perfect one.

Impression is everything on the internet and you must attract many visitors and make them your blog’s loyal readers. That’s the key to blogging because you want your articles to be read, appreciated and commented by as much people as possible. If you fail you will only receive sarcastic and rude feedback and you don’t want that to happen.

It is very important to act exactly like a newspaper editor.

You must bring forward every piece of information you consider to be interesting and analyze it in your own style. Write write write! But be sure you always bring something new in your articles. You must make your readers wanting to come back the next day and read more and more of your stuff.

In order to do that you might wanna stick to one topic. If you jump from one subject to another your “audience” might take you for a TV and get tired really soon. That’s why you must prove you’re consequent and original in the same time.

Now… about the guidelines.

All the important details between you and your host will be included on the website. You can’t miss them because they will pop out right before you’ll edit your blog. After reading them you will know what you can and cannot do. It is very important to respect them because otherwise you will find yourself in trouble.

The next item on our topic speaks about styles.

You should think about creating your personal writing style and blog making because by doing that you will attract more people. You can spice up your writings with photos, audio files, video and even animation. People love that.

Also you can use as many tools as possible but be sure you know when to draw the line. If you do this the right way, you will prove that you’re not just a journalist wannabe but you’re a true blogger.

Your articles will generate feedback and sometimes people are mean and post bad comments. That’s why you have the possibility to accept or deny them in order to maintain a clean, non-violent blog. In order to do that you must use the “comment blockers” and filter your reader’s comments.

In time you will see that a blog is very easy to manage once you know what you’re doing.

At first you must settle for a web host, then edit your webpage and only after that post your blogs. Keep in mind that you must not forget to add the time and date for every article and of course the title and the headline.

Once you’ve done all that, all you have to do right now is to relax and wait for your viewers do drop by. Blogging is easier said than done but if you are passionate about being a blogger, you will find that blogging is actually very easy to do.

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