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How to Make Money with Random Thoughts

by EzyBlogger on November 30, 2008 · 2 comments · Writing Tips

Have you ever thought about a powerful way to use the Internet to make money ?

Since the Internet is a true marketplace for ideas, make money with random thoughts.

It might be through a blog, through selling your writing, through disseminating your advice on your web site, or through selling digital works such as graphics, cartoons, software, artwork, or other creative products in online marketplaces.

This brief blog entry explores the idea of synergy and specifically how random thoughts can make you money in ways that you never thought possible.

Merriam-Webster’s web site offers one definition of synergy as “combined action or operation.” In this discussion, synergy is being used in a different sense. The key to making money on the Internet is to express your creative ideas in a way that your buyers feel that you produced your works in some kind of mental synergy with them.

You have to harness the brain power that you haven’t even thought to tap into, in a way that everyday jobs often do not encourage you to do. Harness those random ideas and put them into a usable format that people want to buy.

Here is one example. On a whim, this author wrote an article about the importance of random thoughts. A short time later, the same article was purchased twice online. The experience illustrated that jotting down random ideas in a journal is essential because of the potential for using those ideas in the future. The journal is also a record of how your mind evolves.

The truth is that random thoughts do sell because they are not really random. What you think of as your random thoughts are just ways that your powerful human brain is expressing itself. Some of the best ideas are things that seem random until they are fit into the proper context.

Consider the case of Thomas Edison.

He took short naps here and there throughout the day, but he often woke up to jot down what he was thinking or dreaming in a journal.

Thomas Edison is a genius who did not live enough years into the twentieth century to see the true impact of his inventions on the world. Just think, if you could tap into even one-tenth of your brain power, what a difference you could make in the world.

You could profit in monetary and nonmonetary ways that you never imagined.

Along the way, it is fun to make money selling your ideas.

With the Internet as your marketplace, the sky really is the limit.

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