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Creating a Successful Blog By Working At Home

by EzyBlogger on November 20, 2008 · 4 comments · Blogging

Working At Home Blogging

Creating a successful blog is much like creating a powerful story in any form—via article, short story, email, or even a novel.

The problem is, you have to do it all by yourself.

Or do you ?

How can you succeed in creating a successful blog by blogging and working at home ?

This guide takes ten minutes to tell you exactly that.

The Blogging Bones Trade

It’s quite simple, blogging: you write and post. You create hundreds of ideas. The initial ideas and writing may be fairly cliched or flawed. If you continue, if you continue to blog constantly, there will be a shift in your writing and you gain more blogging profit. The tools of the trade will always be writing, editing, posting, and advertising.

Writing the Basic Keyword Post

The basics of successfully posting are boiled down to posting everything, all your ideas, and seeing what works. When something works, open up the box and create more ideas of the same kind. Get everything you can from each idea, as to post a few hundred times a year with all original ideas is next to impossible. You create first, writing down what you’re think, then form it with editing.

Editing the Post

But keywords are where those minor successes will come from, because they mean more readers. When you edit, don’t just look to cut out common clichés, “Start a Blog,” instead expand with “Start a Blog for Young Readers.” It’s all about specifics, finding the unique keyword within the post. Edit the post down to the most basic ideas.


Posting constantly will almost always guarantee someone will find your blog. That’s obvious. What isn’t so obvious are all the small details, namely tapping into social media venues like Digg, Stumble Upon, and other sites where you can advertise your blog postings. Just posting hundreds of articles on hot topics may not do it: you need a constant stream of advertising to work in conjunction with this plan.


Social media was mentioned. The next step is to feature yourself across the net, on many other blogs. One powerful way to advertise is simple: create more than one blog, on an entirely different topic. You like horror movies, so blog on horror movies … but also blog on some nature, or something easy for you to write on.

There is another side, creating two similar blogs. This means focusing on a niche in each blog, like “Consulting” and the second on “Business Writing.” Sometimes it’s better to combine two blogs so you can keep up with all the posting.

Remember, posting 200 times in year on one specific topic can be tough. Yet it can also be profitable. Blogging and working at home can be your next choice of career, wanna be a blogger now ?

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

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