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Blog – Is That a Blue Frog ?

by EzyBlogger on November 22, 2008 · 1 comment · Blogging

Are you ready to join the blogosphere ?

Discover blogging basics because the blog is not a blue frog or another character out of a children’s book. A blog is a web log. Get the facts before you dive headfirst into blogging.

Blog 411

What is a blog ?

It is a powerful tool for communicating with people around the world who surf the Internet. The blog permits the development of your own digital public. The blog also draws attention to you, helping you to brand your business or your real name.

Remember that the blog is also searchable by employers, law enforcement, and other entities. Be careful not to plagiarize or infringe on copyrights. In general, it is wise to use caution when putting your thoughts on the Internet.

The Potential of the Blog

First, it is important to understand what the blog really is. Hailed by some as having the ultimate potential for grassroots dialogue, the blog is an exciting medium. In its most fundamental form, blogging stands for the process of web-logging, or creating a personal diary of thoughts that can be read on the Internet.

Blogs are unique ways to communicate with millions of users on the Web because you can write about anything, promote anything, and link to anything in the world. The blog is also a quick way to disseminate a message to the global community. Users can subscribe to your blog; every time you post something new, they will get an email notifying them about your new post.

The Blog as a Tool

A blog is a great interactive tool because it can include web site links, photos, artwork, video and audio clips, podcasts, polls, and surveys. A blog can become a business in itself.

If you can attract a steady stream of web traffic to your blog, you can make money by selling advertisements.

One example of a very successful, but controversial, blogger is Perez Hilton. His real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., and he blogs about celebrity gossip, especially about Hollywood personalities like Paris Hilton (whom he coined his name after).

Perez Hilton is also famous for becoming the defendant of copyright infringement lawsuits. Some claim that he has posted on his blog photos of celebrities that were owned by other sources. You can read more on his blog.

Before you decide to become a blogger, familiarizing yourself with blogging formats will help you to decide if this form of communication is right for you.

Blogging brings a whole new dimension to your connection to the world. Explore the possibilities of this fun lifestyle today!

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